Cooler Trailers Offers Convenient, Affordable Options for Floral Coolers

floral coolers

Floral coolers are a key component 

in the d├ęcor of any event.

The florists who supply them are relied upon to deliver beautiful, fresh arrangements that will play an important role in setting the overall tone for the occasion. Whether the flowers are for stage decorations at a college graduation, elegant wedding bouquets and centerpieces, or memorial arrangements for a funeral or celebration of life event, it is imperative that the floral arrangements arrive looking just as lovely as they did when they were first created. Of course, this requires proper storage that is temperature controlled, as well as a means of transportation that allows for convenient delivery.

Having on-site cold storage at your place of business is a requirement for all florists; however, the minimal storage space provided by floral display coolers and backroom floral coolers is rarely enough during wedding season, in the time leading up to major floral holidays or when you are providing the flowers for a special event. Fortunately, it is easy to expand your temperature controlled floral storage to accommodate arrangements during particularly busy times or when you are preparing for a large event. And, with the flexibility of the options available, it is also possible to accommodate your needs for on-site floral storage at your place of business, portable cold storage for use at venues and temperature controlled delivery of floral arrangements.

Purchasing refrigerated trailers for use as floral coolers is an ideal option for florists in need of cold storage and transportation for their arrangements.

Cooler Trailers offers temperature controlled trailers that can be custom built to match your needs and provide a convenient, portable refrigerated storage option that can improve your ability to take on larger orders and increase your profits. These trailers can open up expanded opportunities for refrigerated floral deliveries, can be used on-site at venues and will provide the additional refrigerated flower storage you need to effectively manage your current orders and grow your business.

Aside from custom building refrigerated trailers for a wide variety of clients, Cooler Trailers also provides trailer rentals by the day, week or month, which is a great option for those who might not be quite ready to take the step of purchasing a trailer, but who need additional floral coolers during particularly busy times or for special events.

If you would like to find out more about renting or purchasing a refrigerated trailer to meet your cold floral storage requirements, contact Cooler Trailers today and we will be happy to discuss the options that will best suit your floral coolers needs.

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