Meet Your Emergency, Temporary or Permanent Cold Storage Needs with Refrigeration Coolers

refrigerated trailerRefrigeration coolers are a must-have item for many types of businesses, special events venues, emergency response organizations, vendors and service providers. From florists specializing in elegant wedding décor for local brides, to mobile barbecue restaurants that set up at special events across the country, temperature controlled storage that is portable and convenient is absolutely essential.

Businesses that consistently need refrigerated storage for flowers, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or other climate-sensitive products will experience the greatest benefits and convenience from purchasing a cooler trailer custom built to fit their needs, while vendors, venues or smaller businesses that only need temperature controlled trailers on occasion may be better served by renting a trailer on an as-needed basis. Of course, once these folks have rented refrigeration coolers one or more times, they often make plans to purchase a cooler trailer in order to enjoy the convenience of always having handy, portable, temperature controlled storage readily available.

Whether in need of a short-term refrigerated trailer rental anywhere in North America or in search of a customized freezer trailer to purchase, business owners, event coordinators, restaurateurs, first response groups and special events venue managers turn to Cooler Trailers for all of their portable cold storage needs. One of the main reasons for this is that we provide high quality, custom-built cold storage trailers crafted to meet each customer’s needs and specifications. Another feature that sets our cooler trailers apart from our competitors is the 110 volt wiring, which allows our portable units to be powered by a standard house current, rather than requiring special electrical wiring or a generator.

The refrigeration coolers built by Cooler Trailers use the latest nanotechnology and have 3- 4 inch insulation throughout to ensure superior efficiency. They are also ultra-quiet when running and include top quality electrical equipment. Our popular 8-foot and 12-foot trailers also feature ground-level entries, 2-inch and 2 5/16-inch hitch connections and electrical wiring that is ready for both 110 and 220 volt hook-ups. Of course, our trailers are also available in custom sizes and with a variety of optional extras and equipment, allowing you to customize your cold storage trailer to fit your specific requirements.

Whether your portable cooler trailer needs include permanent cold storage, temperature controlled transportation for deliveries, special events refrigeration or portable freezers for emergency food storage, Cooler Trailers is sure to have just the right trailer to meet your needs. And, if you have unique needs that a standard, pre-built trailer may not meet, contact us about custom building a trailer just for you.

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