Refrigeration storage is big business

Refrigeration storage is big business.
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Refrigeration storage is big business and a great business to be in. It use to take millions of dollars to build a large warehouse and maintain expensive equipment to be a player in this space. Cooler Trailers has leveled the playing field and provided entrepreneurs an easy entry point. Cooler Trailers has a small portable refrigerated trailer that will freeze or cool with just 110 volts. Now portable refrigeration is available to go almost anywhere! If you are looking for a cost effective way to transport, distribute and store frozen or refrigerated product or looking to take advantage of the fastest growing sectors in this economy, call Cooler Trailers today or visit us at
Cooler Trailers are an excellent way to get into the big business of refrigeration storage.

Refrigeration storage is big business and a great business to be in. I mean think about all the possibilities in your area from folks that rely on refrigeration to keep their frozen and refrigerated products safe until consumption. It use to be you had to have millions to build and maintain a big warehouse facility to get into this business so the bar was high for entry into this business. Did you know that transport refrigeration is one of the fastest growing sectors in this new economy?
This is how I know. In 1998 while I was still working for the family air conditioning business I stumbled across a bagel shop with a need for some temporary refrigerated storage while we did some repairs. To my surprise there was nothing in our local area. We either had to drive to Jacksonville or Orlando an hour away in different directions. It drove me on a journey that has changed my life forever. That same year I built a prototype small refrigerated trailer and the rest is history. Fast forward to today, we continue to build for small to Fortune 500 companies and have also lowered the entry bar for entrepreneurs to get in to this incredible business and earn an income renting small portable refrigerated trailers to their starving local audience. If you have farmers, florist, caterers, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, fairs, festivals and special events in your area this could be an excellent opportunity for you. Now, today you can own a fleet of income producing equipment for what people pay for one refrigerated Van or refrigerated truck.
So whether you are looking to efficiently transport, distribute or store your frozen or refrigerated product or you want to get involved in renting small refrigerated trailers as a business in your local area, check out for more info.

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