Emergency Cold Storage- Cooler Trailers

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Emergency cold storage appears on the minds of many this time of year. We have experienced more calamities over the years and the need to have an emergency cold storage plan in place for your business is imperative.
Hurricane, tornado and severe storm season are upon us and the time to have a plan in place for your emergency cold storage is here. Just ask any local restaurant if they were prepared for their walk in cooler or freezer to breakdown. Many businesses could not survive a loss of $20,000 plus dollars of product stored in their walk in coolers and freezers.
Most recently, Cooler Trailers were on the scene at Joplin, Tuscaloosa, New York and other catastrophic areas in a relief and temporary cold storage effort. The importance of cold storage is also critical to those that need to keep vaccines, medications and other medicinal products.
Could your business or you survive an extended power outage. We get calls from FEMA to local municipalities in times of crisis. Don’t wait til then, usually it is too late. For more info on how we can help check out http://www.coolertrailers.com. Get your emergency cold storage plan in place today.

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