An Emergency Cold Storage Plan is Vital to Hurricane Preparedness

June 20, 2010

Hurricane season is upon us and there is no time like the present to make sure we are well-prepared for what might come our way this year. Now is the time to prepare for what is expected to be an active hurricane season. While families are making sure they have crank radios, candles, non-perishable foods and bottled water, first responders, municipalities and emergency response organizations are making preparations for stepping in and providing assistance to large numbers of people quickly and efficiently.

After a natural disaster occurs, all energy must be focused on ensuring that men, women, children and pets are safe and have at least the basic necessities made available to them. In order to effectively step in and assist those in need after a hurricane or other natural disaster, it is imperative that we plan ahead and anticipate every need we can possibly think of. The availability of food, water and medicine is critical to the recovery of the community after a hurricane, and in order to transport and store these items efficiently, portable, temperature-controlled trailers are a necessity.

Preparing for a hurricane or other emergency situation must include an emergency cold storage plan. This is particularly true for hospitals, city and county emergency response groups, prisons, the Red Cross, FEMA and any other group that either provides assistance in emergency situations or is responsible for the care and safety of a large group of people. Part of an emergency cold storage plan is arranging for access to refrigerated trailers that can be used to transport or store food, water, medicines and other necessities for affected communities. This could mean purchasing one or more refrigerated trailers that are custom-built to meet your needs, or working with a company like Cooler Trailers to arrange for quick cold storage trailer rentals when a hurricane or other emergency occurs.

Keep in mind that it is not enough to simply make a note that you will need freezer trailers or refrigerated trailers if disaster strikes; you also must ensure that the trailers will provide the function you require. For example, many refrigerated trailers require a dedicated generator or special electrical wiring. Just imagine the time, product and money that would be wasted if you purchase or rent a freezer trailer and take it on location, only to find out that you do not have the proper energy source to run it. The refrigerated trailers made by Cooler Trailers run on 110 volt, which is regular house current or a 5000 watt generator making them far more versatile and a more reliable option that will work effectively in more situations.

Cooler Trailers is proud to have worked with FEMA and a number of municipalities to ensure proper hurricane preparedness and cold storage for emergency situations. While we hope that the 2010 hurricane season will not be as active as anticipated, we strongly urge you to include an emergency cold storage plan in your hurricane preparedness planning.

Cooler Trailers Provides Nationwide Sales and Rentals for Refrigerated Trailers

June 7, 2010

When it comes to nationwide sales and rentals for portable freezers and refrigerated trailers, Cooler Trailers is recognized as an industry leader. The client list, which includes companies like Anheiser-Busch, Coca-Cola, the SuperBowl and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, continues to grow with festival organizers, farmer’s markets vendors, wedding caterers and fast food restaurants buying and renting our refrigerated trailers in rapidly expanding numbers.

Refrigerated trailers can be custom-built for purchase to suit your specific needs or can be rented by the day, the week or the month to provide portable cold storage for your business or event. Renting refrigerated trailers is an ideal option for restaurants undergoing renovation, company picnics, special events, family or school reunions, film set catering, emergency food storage and floral, seafood or pharmaceutical deliveries. Amusement parks, county fairs and golf tournaments also often opt for purchasing or renting refrigerated trailers from Cooler Trailers to meet their cold storage needs.

Cooler Trailers’ refrigerated trailers offer a cost-effective, convenient option for short- or long-term storage of items that require a temperature-controlled environment. Whether you need to keep products frozen or refrigerated for delivery, need cold storage for a one-day special event or require additional permanent cold storage for your restaurant or business, refrigerated trailers offer a portable, flexible option that will fit your needs and your budget.

Cooler Trailers sells both new and used refrigerated trailers and portable freezers, which allows you to select the cold storage trailer that best meets your requirements. Used refrigerated trailers are often ideal for companies or event planners that simply need additional temperature-controlled storage for food, flowers, chemicals or other products, while new refrigerated trailers built to customer specifications are generally the best choice for businesses looking for permanent cold storage solutions for a specific purpose.

Cooler Trailers also provides nationwide rentals for refrigerated trailers. Rental trailers are 8’ or 12’ long, 110 volt electricity, have ground-level entry and run quietly. This combination of features provides our rental customers with convenient, flexible temporary cold storage for any purpose.

As an industry leader, we understand the importance of providing quality products and exceptional customer service, which is why so many customers who have purchased or rented refrigerated trailers from us return again and again when they are in need of portable cold storage.

Refrigerated Trailers

May 11, 2010

refrigerated trailerCooler Trailers Inc. Reveal Their Latest Innovation: Portable Affordable Refrigerated Trailers

Cooler Trailers, Inc, a nationally recognized leader in the refrigerated trailer business, announces their latest innovation: portable 8 to 12 foot cooler trailers, which provide an affordable alternative to the industry standard size 48 foot refrigerated trailers and refrigerated trucks

Daytona Beach FL.  March 16, 2010 — Cooler Trailers, Inc., the recognized leader in high quality cooler trailers, is proud to announce their latest innovation, aimed at businesses looking for an affordable alternative to the large, expensive cooler trailers offered by most trailer rental companies.

Their portable 8 foot and 12 foot cooler trailers, which can be viewed by visiting, are specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses that need a refrigerated truck or refrigerated trailers (also known as a reefer trailer.)

The portable trailers are especially timely with the cost of diesel fuel running high and businesses struggling to trim their bottom lines in today’s stressed economy.

“Not everyone needs or has the space to rent a 48 tractor trailer or straight truck and pay a small fortune in diesel fuel to keep it running,”
according to Tom McBride, owner of Cooler Trailers, Inc.

“That’s why we developed our Cooler Trailers. They’re small portable trailers that easily pull up to your business or home and plug into your 110 volt power. The 8’ and 12’ trailers are easy to fit almost anywhere and they’re whisper quiet.”

The trailers are the result of years of working with local businesses in their Daytona Beach area and listening closely to the needs of the business owners.

“We started out renting to our local market and got a lot of great feedback on how to build a portable refrigerated trailer that is helpful and unique to the refrigeration truck and trailer industry,” McBride explained. “Everyone is familiar with the big truck operators in this space but nobody was taking care of the needs of the smaller businesses.”

The trailers are used by customers in the restaurant industry, catering industry, special events and festivals industry, floral and wedding industry, and many more.

“Another breakthrough is the use of standard refrigeration in our units. We modify standard refrigeration for transportation use and once this is done, these units are more cost effective to repair and maintain than other systems,” according to McBride. “We can cool down well below freezing (-5 degrees) on a 110 volt system that requires 15 amps. Other companies require 25 amps or more and require a generator to run all the time.

Cooler Trailers Inc’s headquarters are in Daytona Beach, but they offer freezer trailers for sale or rent nationwide. Among their distinguished clientele are Coca-Cola, Anheiser-Busch, Sonic, Applebee’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Stonewood Grill, Red Lobster, Wendy’s Hamburgers, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Krystal’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Friendly’s, Piccadilly, Ocean Spray and many more.

To find out more, visit or

Festivals and Special Events

April 28, 2010

Cooler Trailers and Portable Freezer Units Are Perfect For Festivals or Special Events

Cooler trailers and portable freezer rentals are the affordable way to keep bulk items chilly at all types of festivals, fairs, and special events. Our handy 8-foot or 12-foot refrigeration or freezer trailers are the perfect size for banquets or weddings, corporation trade shows, and all types of crowd-pleasing needs.

Portable cooler trailers are often rented to hold:

  • Beverages: At community gatherings, company picnics, or at consumer entertainments or sales, there is often a need to keep cases of bottled water, soda, or beer cold and ready for distribution. Cooler trailers and portable freezer rentals run on 110v or generator to efficiently chill all types of bottles, cans, or containers without the cost or smell of diesel fuel involved.
  • Meats or Seafood: Food vendors at festivals and special events need a safe way to keep their frozen foods solid throughout the duration of the affair. Handy mobile refrigeration units monitor temperatures in a manner that is approved by health officials. Restaurants often use these same units on-site whenever an extra walk-in freezer or food storage refrigerator is needed.
  • Fruits or Vegetables: At community events today, fruits and vegetables are in high demand. All over America, many people are participating in healthy lifestyle routines. What this means for vendors is that cold produce often sells as well or better than the traditional meat-filled meals or sugary snacks. An affordable cooler trailer rental can help you to really cash-in on today’s popular food trends at all public gatherings.
  • Flowers or Candles: Portable refrigeration trailers can keep fresh flowers perky and designer candles intact under all types of summertime show conditions. Craft sales, Christmas shows, and antique auctions can all happen under the sun during the tourist months of June, July, and August. Refrigeration units can help to protect your delicate or perishable booth-sale inventory before sales, during events, and between show dates on the calendar.

Another popular use for cooler trailers and portable freezer rentals is currently revolving around trade shows and industry-specific consumer events. At these shows, vendors are in heavy competition to gain the attention of visiting clients or consumers. There is no better way to catch the public’s attention than through free food or drinks. All sizes of businesses are taking advantage of affordable refrigeration unit rentals for trade shows.

Whenever cold storage is needed for a tournament, county fair, or public sports event, a quiet running portable cooler trailer is perfect for your needs. These refrigerator/freezer trailers have common 2” or 2 5/16” trailer hitches and they run quietly from any normal electrical outlet. Their size makes them easy to park, and inexpensive to operate at all types of community functions, festivals, and special events.

Refrigerated Truck Alternative

April 14, 2010

Cooler Trailers offers a refrigerated truck alternative with our portable refrigerated trailers. Ideal for practically any industry that makes use of a cooling system, these portable refrigerated trailers have been used by supermarkets, caterers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, fast food chains and a large number of other small and large businesses, as well as a variety of individuals for personal home use.

Save on Space

Unlike large, loud and smelly diesel truck refrigeration units, this innovative refrigerated truck alternative is available in a variety of units and a number of sizes to fit into small spaces not suitable for industry sized trucks. Our portable refrigerated trailers are available in 8 to 16 foot units perfect for small businesses without a lot of room for a large standard size 48 foot truck. These units can fit practically anywhere. These portable refrigerated trailers are perfect on gravel, pavement and even grass. They will fit much more easily into a tight space than a large industry sized refrigerated truck will, and there is no danger in placing it on a slope. While large industry sized trucks should not be parked on a slope because of the risk of injury, portable refrigerated trailers can easily rest on practically any surface. They can be positioned inside or outside.

Save on Cost

In comparison with big industrial trucks, Cooler Trailers’ portable refrigerated trailer units are extremely cost effective in today’s sliding economy. Many smaller businesses find they don’t really need the space an industry sized 48 foot refrigerated truck provides. However, even if you don’t use that space, you are still paying for it. With the rising cost of diesel fuel, why not opt for a portable refrigerated truck that doesn’t require diesel fuel to begin with? Simply pull the unit up to your business or home and plug it in to a 110 volt power supply. With this refrigerated truck alternative, you will save a multitude of money on diesel fuel, delivery and running costs.

Eliminate Odor

Gone are the days of truck trailers that reek of smelly fuel. Refrigerated trucks require diesel fuel for the cooling unit to keep running properly. Cooler Trailers’ convenient refrigerated truck alternative runs on a 110 volt system, requiring as little as 15 amps of power. In addition, our portable refrigerated trailers are available with a generator backup and thermostatically controlled environment.

Enjoy Convenience

Portable refrigerated trailer units can easily be positioned for convenient ground-level entry. Forget the hassle of dangerous and costly ramps. Our portable refrigerated trailer units can be conveniently placed at any level suitable for your business or personal needs.

Thermo King Alternative

March 17, 2010

Thermo King Alternative

Have you been looking for a way to keep your products frozen during transportation and/or delivery, and then decided that solutions like Thermo King were just too expensive? If so, you’re not on your own! While they do a great job at what it is intended to do, it can be more than a little on the expensive side. This is exactly why Cooler Trailers was created, both as a business and as a product category; serving the needs of those looking for Thermo King alternatives, but to do so in a cost effective way. Consider the advantages our Cooler Trailers have over TK for our intended use.
• Thermo King units require specialized mechanics that are hard to find and expensive. Cooler Trailers use standard refrigeration modified for transport that can be worked on by just about any refrigeration mechanic on the face of the planet. Nearly every city with a population of 20,000 or more has at least one refrigeration mechanic, and bigger cities have dozens of qualified refrigeration mechanics from which to choose.
• Cooler Trailer units use standard 110-volt cooling systems, which make them easier to use and find parts for than TK units.
• Industry standard 110-volt cooling units are not only easier to work on and find parts for, they are actually less expensive. This means less expensive up front, which translates into a lower initial investment, as well as less expensive to operate.
Thermo King does make great products, and we have sold many insulated bodies to TK dealers, but for the smaller loads, smart customers that value the same quality and durability but want to keep their operating costs low should look into Cooler Trailers. For even greater values sign up for our specials and deals on the right hand side of page.

Refrigerated Truck- Thermo King alternative

February 24, 2010

Price vs. Cost
I learned a long time ago with the help of some great teachers that you get what you pay for. It’s true whether you’re buying apples to zebra’s, but are you familiar with price vs. cost. Let me explain. Consumables such as a bar of soap or a loaf of bread your smart to shop price and get the best deal if you’re comparing same brand etc. When shopping for a piece of equipment for your business it becomes more of an investment and now other issues like quality and how long will it last come into play.
Price is a onetime thing and cost is an ongoing thing. In other words which product is going to be a better value for you? If product A is priced lower than another but cost more to fix, repair or replace than product B, it may be worth paying a higher price for product B that cost less to fix, repair or replace in order to lower your overall operating cost of this equipment. This is a simple and effective strategy to help make a more informed decision about equipment choices.
Apply this knowledge when shopping for refrigerated trailers and we are sure that you will find us a great value. Another example is our portable reefer trailer rental business. I ask folks daily to compare our service to renting a refrigerated truck and often the truck service quotes a lower rate but by the time you calculate their fee for runtime for the unit, build a ramp to get into, diesel fuel and delivery cost they are way more expensive. I hope this helps you as much as it has served me over the years when looking for better values. If you are in the market to purchase a refrigerated trailer sign up for our Specials & Deals or visit us at to learn more about us.

New & Used Refrigerated Trailers

February 15, 2010

New & Used Refrigerated Trailers

Cooler Trailers is proud to be part of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It is just the beginning of the year and we are at the Olympics, finished our 3rd Superbowl (Congrats Saints), and the Daytona 500. Check out some of the other fortune 500 companies we have dealt with over the last 10 years. We are excited about the year ahead and continue to improve on our 110 volt units. Current testing on some of our models coming out of production are getting -6 degrees on 110 volt. The standard refrigeration units that Cooler Trailers use are  modified for transport but very simple and cost-effective to maintain or repair if needed. Customers have told us that they are tired of the high cost of repair and maintenance with other products. When you put a pencil to the cost of ownership of a refrigerated truck compared to our portable refrigerated trailers it’s simple. With our small reefer trailers there are : No special license to operate, very inexpensive insurance rates, standard refrigeration units (not thermo king or carrier) If your truck breaks down just change vehicles and your back in business. There are several reasons to give Cooler Trailers a call if you are looking for an effective way to increase your bottom line and productivity. Visit us at for more info.