Used thermo king refrigeration units aren’t necessary for smaller loads.

January 20, 2015

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Thermo King makes good products but they aren’t necessary for smaller over the road transport. You Don’t need all the loud, expensive, complicated diesel whiz bang stuff to deliver 8000 lbs to a customer.
Besides all that does is complicate things. Now there is a solution to the high cost of refrigerated vans and small reefer trucks. Finally, there is a solution to all this madness.
We have been manufacturing a revolutionary product since 1998 that has turned the transport refrigeration industry on its head.
Introducing, Cooler Trailers. Cooler Trailers are a small portable refrigerated trailer that will allow you to transport, distribute and store your frozen or refrigerated product with just 110 volts. We extended the tongue on the trailer and provide a platform for a generator to provide power while traveling down the road. What does this mean for you. It means you don’t need a specialist to maintain or repair your equipment any basic refrigeration company can provide service. That alone will save you at least $100/hr. And give you more tech options. It means you have fewer moving parts and speaking of parts ours are standard refrigeration and can be found at your local supply house. For those of you that already own refrigerated vehicles you are probably salivating over this. These are huge game changers that translate to your bottom line. We have several Fortune 500 and smart small businesses as clients and have been featured in these leading periodicals.
So, if your profits are tied to controlling costs than go where the pros go, Cooler Trailers. That’s why we are the best kept secret to the Fortune 500 companies we have as clients. If you are ready to explode profits or take your business to the next level than get a Cooler Trailer today!
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Refrigerated trailer built with superior design

January 12, 2015

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Refrigerated trailer built with superior design. Cooler Trailers has taken the guess work out of small portable refrigeration that works. The design is 110 volt one piece construction using standard refrigeration that any basic refrigeration mechanic can maintain or repair. Saving you a bundle. Now you can freeze or cool with just 110 volts. The design is superior to anything on the market.
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Fast track your business with Cooler Trailers and you can explode profits in your business with a properly designed and built refrigerated trailer today!

Tom McBride: The requirements for the trailer. First and foremost, it needs to be made with steel tube construction.

Look down to the left hand side there. You’ll see a little chart for our trailer wall study examples. The most common that you see in the cargo industry are Z-channel or hat post. You can see what it says below it. Then you can see all tube over there.

That’s what we utilize in our construction. That’s what we’re looking for in a trailer that we build. We’re looking for strength and durability for the long haul.

When we build for our clients we simply use steel tube, no and, if, or buts about it. Is it cheaper to do it with hat post and Z post? Absolutely. That’s how they cut their cost on that stuff. But again, the transport or the cargo trailer industry is a different animal. They’re not designing trailers for our specific needs.

Again, requirements for the trailer. We look for them to be made with steel tube.

Number two, it needs to be made with four inches of polyurethane foam. The big foam challenge.

The two main players out there, you’ve got polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam. Polystyrene foam is better known as Styrofoam. It’s pretty readily available at your big box stores. You can go buy it by the sheets, usually thinner than what’s pictured here.

The problem with polystyrene is it’s only R4 per square inch. R4 R rating is the rating. The higher the number, the better the insulating properties are of it. Polyurethane foam has twice the insulating value per inch. Ours is actually R8 per square inch.

What does all of that mean? It simply means that your trailer’s going to cool down quicker and hold temperature quicker with something with polyurethane foam in it versus polystyrene foam. From an energy conservation standpoint, a lot better properties all the way around with the polyurethane foam. That’s what we’re looking for.

Back to our requirements. We’re looking, first and foremost, for it to be made with steel tube. Number two, to be made with four inches of polyurethane foam. Number three, it needs an extended tongue with a platform for the generator.

We extend the tongue with a platform for the generator. The generator is what you’re going to use while you’re traveling down the road. The picture here is one of our trailers with a four foot extended tongue, that’s what we do on ours, with a platform on the front. It’s ready for a generator to go right on there.

The cord comes straight down, plugs in, and that’s how you’re going to run your trailer while you’re going over the road, pure and simple.

We recommend an optional 5,500 watt generator that we’ve seen run times anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of run time out of a tank of fuel on ours. Again, extended tongue with a platform for the generator to use for distribution. Or if you’re in a power loss situation and you want to run with a generator, that’s where you can put the generator at.

It needs to be made with steel tube. It needs to be made with four inches of polyurethane foam. It needs an extended tongue with a platform. Number four, don’t forget the cooler curtains.

It sounds simple but you don’t want to forget them. They might be hard to see but they’re the little vinyl curtains, strip curtains that hang down on the backside of the door just as you open the door. They make it nice to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

That’s going to help you as you’re loading and unloading, working out of your cooler trailer.

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Refrigerated trailer- The refrigeration system is the key

January 7, 2015

Refrigerated trailer- The refrigeration system is the key!

Refrigerated trailer- The refrigeration system is one of the key components to a successful refrigerated trailer that operates without headaches. Cooler Trailers has a superior design on their small portable reefer. The one piece construction on their 110 volt freezer cooler unit is superior to anything in the market.

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Tom: Now, let’s check out the refrigeration. Our requirements for refrigeration, we look for something that has standard refrigeration because it’s less expensive to purchase, it’s easier to get parts for, and it’s inexpensive to maintain.

The caveat that we’ve got here is that, shoot, in the 1998 when we started building this stuff, there wasn’t anything available except off-the-shelf stuff. We had to go that route and work to continuously get it better on how we actually put our stuff together.

Now, we’ve actually designed, we feel, the perfect 110 volt unit that there isn’t out there. The big caveat here is that standard refrigeration, anywhere you go, you’re able to get parts for. You can have any basic refrigeration guy working on it. You don’t need a specialist to wind up looking after it.

The difference in most places throughout the US is a $75 an hour guy looking at your equipment versus $150-200 an hour specialist to look at your equipment.

Number two, hot gas defrost is the best way to remove ice from your evaporator coil. The biggest thing I explain to folks day in and day out when I’m talking to them on the phone is that, “Well, I don’t think, Tom, that I really need defrost if my unit is only going to be used as a cooler.”

Here’s a little science tip for you and also a refrigeration tip. If you’re just using your trailer or your box as a cooler, 35, 40 degree range, something magical that we learn in science class happens at 32 degrees. Your water’s going to turn to what? It’s going to turn to ice.

If you’ve got to maintain a box temperature at 35 degrees, your unit actually has to be 10 to 12 degrees colder than that to maintain a 35 degree box. What does all that mean? It means that you’re going to be below 32 degrees.

If somebody tells you that they don’t have defrost on it, it’s only going to be a cooler, you need to run the other direction. If somebody tells you that you could just cycle the unit off and turn the unit off for 30, 40 minutes, that’ll be your defrost, you need to run the other direction.

Those guys haven’t paid for the stuff that you’ve got, for the product that you’ve got in the back of your walk-in. [laughs] Hot gas defrost is the best way. It’s the most efficient way to move ice from your evaporator coil.

It’s done internally, works the same way as a heat pump system basically does, takes the heat from the compressor and blasts it back against the coil inside the evaporator coil. In about three to five minutes, you’ve got a nice, clear evaporator coil ready to get back to the job for you. Hot gas defrost is absolutely the best way to get that job done.

Third, don’t use copper lines to connect your evaporator and condenser coil together. We’ll show you here in a second the design that we’ve come up with. If you’re using copper lines out there, or if you come across somebody that’s using copper lines, again, run the other way. It’s a soft metal. It’s going to snap on you really quick.

They’re great. You’ll see them all over at all these restaurants outside Anytown, USA out there. The fact of the matter is, that’s a standalone application. You won’t find copper lines connecting a condenser and evaporator on big rigs traveling over the road, and you won’t find them on cooler trailers as well, either. They’re going to snap in a heartbeat on you.

What’s our 110 volt superior design? It’s all one piece construction. There is nothing to combine evaporator and condenser. It’s already done for you at the factory level. It’s a great piece. It runs 12 amps, and it’s 110 volt.

If you can’t find power for this thing, you can’t find power. Match it up with a generator, and it’s great for any emergency situations. Any situation that you get in is no problem with this unit. It’s standard refrigeration, so any basic refrigeration guy can work on it. You need a part? You can get it at the parts house right around the corner from you. That’s what’s the big difference on our stuff versus everybody else.

Cooler Trailers is where the pros go. No and, if, or buts about it. It’s the main reason we’ve done Super Bowls. It’s the main reason that we do so much stuff with Fortune 500 companies. It’s the main reason the pros come to us. When your profits or your paycheck rely on refrigerated transportation, you need a Cooler Trailer.

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Superior Function Best Small Refrigerated Trailer- Cooler Trailers

January 1, 2015

Watch this video and discover how this Fortune 500 Company used Cooler Trailers small refrigerated trailer to increase brand love by 41% in just 2 weeks…


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Watch this short video and discover how this Fortune 500 Company used Cooler Trailers small refrigerated trailer to increase their brand by 41% in just 2 weeks and you can too…

Tom McBride: Superior design leads to superior function. Watch how this Fortune 500 company increased their brand love by 41 percent in less than two weeks using Cooler Trailers, and you can to. Superior design leads to superior function. Hmm, so what does that mean? Simply put, a better built refrigerated trailer will explode your profits for a longer period of time, and that you can bank on.

I wanted you to visually experience the rubber hitting the road with a Fortune 500 company that took a Cooler Trailer from coast to coast, and how they captured America with a simple social media campaign, and you can too. As you watch the two-minute video clip, count how many times you see the Cooler Trailer. Just kidding, but seriously, watch what they do and how they do it, and you can learn a lot. You ready? Here we go.

Announcer: This is Oscar Mayer’s new butcher thick-cut bacon. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s cut so thick that it’s packed like a brick.

[background music]

Announcer: No, not that kind of brick.

[bell rings]

Announcer: That’s more like it. This is Josh. Josh is a nice guy who spent 15 exhausting days this summer with no cash and no credit cards, just a refrigerated trailer full of butcher thick-cut bacon to barter for everything he needed from New York to LA.

We mean everything, like places to sleep, and gas, and food, and pink knitted scarf-things. It was all part of the crazy idea called the Great American Bacon Barter. The campaign ended up generating over 336,000 earned media impressions, which is huge, because we didn’t even know if he’d make it out of New Jersey.

Josh: I’ve got to crash somewhere.

Announcer: After all, New York to LA is a serious expedition.

Josh: LA in five days? This should work out.

Announcer: We bet the entire budget on a lot of bacon and a little social media.

[music continues]

Announcer: OK, a lot of social media, and a microsite, and daily videos, and a real time feed of Josh’s barters. Bacon lovers across the country caught the scent, and as news about Josh’s adventure spread, he attracted more and more friends and more and more interesting offers.

[laughter and vehicle sounds]

Boy 1: That’s a broadsword.

[buzzing sound]

Announcer: Yep, that’s a bacon tattoo. We couldn’t believe it, either. By the time the Great American Bacon Barter reached LA, Josh had received 43,728 offers and bartered 2,168 bricks of bacon across 3,125 miles. [sighs] He had become a nationally-recognized bacon celebrity.

[people cheering]

Announcer: He even met a few real ones. Most importantly, his journey dominated the Internet’s obsession with bacon. Conversations about Oscar Mayer bacon doubled, and the brand saw a 41 percent increase in positive sentiment.

In just two weeks, Oscar Mayer became the most talked about bacon brand, generating more buzz than its four biggest competitors combined. We had proven without a doubt that a bunch of bacon and a lot of social media go a very long way.

[music concludes]

Josh: Viva bacon! Viva butchers and [inaudible 03:41] .

Tom: Pretty amazing what a little social media can do, huh? Just wanted to give you some ideas of what’s possible with Cooler Trailers. Cooler Trailers have also been featured here in these large periodicals as well.

If you’d like to learn more about Cooler Trailers and how they can help your business, then click on the yes, I want to learn more button below.

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