Best Superbowl Commercial 2016

February 1, 2016

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Best Superbowl Commercial 2016

Best Superbowl Commercial 2016 and the winner is Cooler Trailers. Please click on the video above and watch our entry. We always enjoy having some fun this time of year when the NFL Football season comes to an end with one of the most watched T.V. events annually, the Super Bowl. With all the hype surrounding Superbowl 50, we wanted to have some fun with our own entry for the best superbowl commercial 2016.

Don’t forget about us for those large gatherings and parties this year that require food and beverages to stay cold! Cooler Trailers are Worldwide and ready to help you if you Store, deliver, or distribute frozen or refrigerated products. We can help you take your business to the next level.

For more info on how we can help check out Enjoy our entry for the best superbowl commercial 2016.


Best Portable Refrigerated Trailers

July 16, 2015

Best Portable Refrigerated Trailers:
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The very best portable refrigerated trailers only needs 2 things and that’s it. Initially they must have an appropriately designed trailer and 2nd they need to have a refrigeration system created for the task.Common sense right. Well you can chop down a tree with a hammer but I much prefer a chainsaw. Why? Because it’s the best piece of equipment for the task. It’s more productive conserves time and can get more done in a much shorter amount of time. Does a chainsaw cost more than a hammer, Yes. Does it pay for itself quickly. Yes. Does it get you the end result quicker of cutting down the tree. Yes, absolutely.This example is true in life and business. It is very important to obtain the best device for the task. It does not do you or your company any good if you need to constantly take care of or repair a tool that is responsible for your companies profits.We think that superior design leads to superior function and will produce superior results much like the chain saw.Hey if this quick video resonates with you kindly hit the thumbs up like button below and remember to subscribe to our channel so you are the very first to know when we make a brand-new video. Likewise take a fast second and leave us a favorable remark I ‘d value it. Check out for more information on the very best portable refrigerated trailers.

Emergency Cold Storage- Cooler Trailers

May 12, 2015

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Emergency cold storage appears on the minds of many this time of year. We have experienced more calamities over the years and the need to have an emergency cold storage plan in place for your business is imperative.
Hurricane, tornado and severe storm season are upon us and the time to have a plan in place for your emergency cold storage is here. Just ask any local restaurant if they were prepared for their walk in cooler or freezer to breakdown. Many businesses could not survive a loss of $20,000 plus dollars of product stored in their walk in coolers and freezers.
Most recently, Cooler Trailers were on the scene at Joplin, Tuscaloosa, New York and other catastrophic areas in a relief and temporary cold storage effort. The importance of cold storage is also critical to those that need to keep vaccines, medications and other medicinal products.
Could your business or you survive an extended power outage. We get calls from FEMA to local municipalities in times of crisis. Don’t wait til then, usually it is too late. For more info on how we can help check out Get your emergency cold storage plan in place today.

Thermo King Codes- Stop Looking

April 27, 2015


Thermo King Codes- Stop Looking

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Are you still looking for thermo king codes and chasing down thermo king manuals to get your equipment back up and running again?
If your load is 8000 lbs or less than listen up this could save you thousands.

Cooler Trailers have been taking people out of small refrigerated vans and small refrigerated trucks since 1998 and saving them tens of thousands of dollars that drop directly to your bottom line. Our 110 volt transport refrigeration unit is less expensive to own and maintain. Any basic refrigeration tech in your area can service with parts from your local supply house and maintain for at least $100/hr less than you currently spend with over the road transport refrigeration.

Our transport refrigeration units will freeze or cool with just 110 volt 12 amps and easily plug into any 110 volt outlet while parked or use our extended tongue platform on the trailer for a 5500 watt generator to power while making deliveries.

Checkout and see why so many Fortune 500 Companies and other smart businesses use Cooler Trailers to take there business to the next level.
We believe that superior design leads to superior function leads to superior results and if your profits are tied to the product inside, you owe it to yourself to work smarter not harder. Stop chasing down thermo king parts or looking for thermo king codes and start enjoying the competitive edge that Cooler Trailers can provide your business.

Best transport refrigeration units| Hot Gas Defrost

April 22, 2015

Best transport refrigeration units| Hot Gas Defrost

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The best transport refrigeration units will have hot gas defrost. So what is hot gas defrost and why should I care. Good question. These are the little things that make a big difference to the well being of your product that you have stored inside your box.

Think back to your school days I know its a reach for some of us. Remember Mrs. McGillicutty’s class on the day she explained what happens to water when it reaches a certain temperature. If you were able to stay awake long enough to hear her say that at 32 degrees water changes from a liquid to a solid in this case ice.

I know folks are saying that’s great Tom, but I only need to keep my product refrigerated at 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit that doesn’t apply to me. It absolutely does and here is why:
In order to maintain a box temperature of 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit plus open and closing doors, your evaporator coil has to be 10-12 degrees colder or about 25 degrees to maintain that 35 degree box temperature. So it is a scientific fact that you will get an ice build up on your coil its just a matter of when. Things like moist hot days and door openings can speed up the process but at some point you will need to defrost the ice accumulation on your coil.

There are a few ways to go about this the least effective is someone telling you to just shut off unit for an hour to hour and a half with uncertainty that its defrosted. Can your product really handle those dramatic temperature swings. I always tell our folks that if someone gives you this option run the other direction because they obviously have no concern for the check you wrote for the product inside.

The next method is a step up but not the best and that’s electric defrost. The easiest way to describe this is its like having a toaster oven element on the backside of your coil and usually take 30-45 minutes a cycle. It will only defrost the ice where the heat coil is and doesn’t completely remove the ice so you will have to defrost more frequently and running these heat strips are more expensive to operate. Heat strips or electric defrost are less expensive to purchase but more expensive to operate, that’s the important takeaway here.

The best and most effective way to defrost the evaporator coil is with hot gas defrost. The simpliest way to explain this is it’s like a heat pump that takes the heat generated from the working compressor and flashes that heat back through the coil internally and in about 3-5 minutes your back in business. This happens so fast that there are no real temp swings in your product insuring safe storage and delivery throughout the day. The takeaways here are the time 3-5 minutes and it happens internally so all the ice is removed, it’s more cost efficient to run and operate.

For more info check out our website at or plug in our name in itunes and download our podcast to listen to while on the go.
Cooler Trailers incorporate hot gas in to our refrigerated transportation units because it is a more efficient way to keep your investment safe and after all increasing shelf life is what its all about. Our customers agree that Cooler Trailers provides the best transport refrigeration units for this niche.

110 Volt transport refrigeration unit

April 1, 2015

110 Volt Transport refrigeration unit:

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Finally, a 110 volt transport refrigeration unit that works as advertised. If you are tired of buying bags of ice to keep your product frozen or refrigerated while you transport, distribute and store your product and you don’t want to spend $40-$80k for a new refrigerated Van or small reefer truck than check this out. Cooler Trailers has been building a superior built refrigerated trailer since 1998.

Our mono block 110 volt refrigeration unit design is at the forefront of what we do. Cooler Trailers has created something that will:
Freeze or cool on just 110 volts 12 amp power.
Has temp range between 10-50 degrees Fahrenheit, we can build to go colder.
Has more efficient and effective hot gas defrost.
Easy to read digital Temp controller that is precise to a tenth of a degree
Built in light switch
Easy to operate just plug in and go
No more repriming issues like other products.
Made with standard refrigeration parts found at you local supply house
Any basic refrigeration tech can work on and maintain (big hourly savings)

If you are ready to take your business to the next level or you are just looking for a great new rental income stream our 110 volt transport refrigeration units will keep your business profitable for years to come. Just imagine the price advantage you’ll enjoy over your competitors still using refrigerated vans and small reefer trucks. For more info checkout and see why this 110 volt transport refrigeration unit by Cooler Trailers is taking the refrigerated transport industry by storm.

Superior built refrigerated trailers (axles)- Cooler Trailers

March 24, 2015

Superior built refrigerated trailers.

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Superior built refrigerated trailers yep right down to the axles. To the untrained eye an axle is an axle but to those that know the importance it’s a huge part of the total package. For example in my industry everyone else uses 3500 lbs axles while we use 5200 lbs drop axles. What that simply means is that Cooler Trailers can literally haul a ton and a half (or 3000 lbs.) more product than other trailers.

We use drop axles to give us easy ground entry into trailer in fact 19″ up into our cooler trailers just like a step of stairs at home. We also put electric brakes on both axles to ensure that when you need to stop with all that product you can stop, it’s that simple. Axles play an important role in what and how much you can ultimately haul in your freezer or refrigerated trailer and should also play a role in your decision as to how you plan to use yours.

For example, Our 7×12 trailers can haul up to 8000 lbs with the appropriate vehicle. Although any 1/2 ton vehicle can pull our trailers to maximize the load capacity we recommend a 3/4 ton vehicle or more. Most 1/2 ton vehicles can still haul around 2500 lbs plus the trailer weight.

If you transport, distribute and store frozen or refrigerated products then check out and discover how we can help your business starting today. Axles may not be glamorous but they are an important piece to a superior built freezer or refrigerated trailers from Cooler Trailers.

Transport Refrigeration Technician- Save instantly, Guaranteed!

March 18, 2015

Transport refrigeration technician

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I have been getting a lot of questions from a previous video we did on transport refrigeration and how you could save $100/hr on a technician so I wanted to clarify that for folks here.
Our one piece 110 volt refrigeration unit is made from standard parts that can be serviced and maintained by any basic refrigeration service tech and best of all parts can be purchased at your local service facility. With other transport refrigeration equipment you are held hostage by a specialist for repairs and pay their high repair parts cost.

For example in our local area here in Ormond Beach, Florida the closest specialist to work on other transport products I have to call either Orlando or Jacksonville, both an hour away in different directions and going rate here in 2015 for them is in the $175-225/ hr range. For any basic refrigeration technician in my backyard the rate is $75/ hr. That’s a savings of $100/ hr plus they are in my area so I don’t need to travel to them and that’s huge when it comes to repairs or maintenance.

So who is our one piece 110 volt freezer cooler unit good for. We install our refrigeration units on 12′ insulated trailers that are capable of 10-50 degrees Fahrenheit with loads up to 8000 lbs. That really is the max size for the 110 volt unit. We have bigger units and trailers for more info visit us at
The transport refrigeration unit is only half the battle but an important one and any time you can save $100/ hr on a transport refrigeration technician we think you should know about it.

Transport Refrigeration

March 5, 2015

Transport refrigeration

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Transport refrigeration has really exploded with recent improvements In technology. I’m thankful here in Florida we don’t have to rely on keeping ice blocks stored in the basement for our perishables. First of all Florida and basements should never appear in the same sentence. Seriously, over the last decade alone look how far technology has changed the landscape of our lives. The transport refrigeration industry is going through some exciting times. If you own a business that relies on transporting, delivering and storing of either refrigerated or frozen goods than please watch this video… Before you buy a refrigerated Van or small reefer truck than you owe it to yourself and your business to watch this video. Cooler Trailers has a revolutionary product that will save your business at least $25K over a new refrigerated Van or small reefer truck. Our 110 volt transport unit utilizes standard refrigeration parts found on any shelf at your local supply house and any basic refrigeration tech can service and maintain this equipment. That alone will save you $100 per hour on a service tech. There is No need for a specialist or high priced repair costs. Visit us at and find out why Fortune 500 and small businesses around the world have been using us since 1998. As you look at our unit with a transparent cover on it so you can see the guts of the system, I say this. Just to be completely transparent with you pun intended We have been installing our refrigeration units on small portable refrigerated trailers and saving businesses thousands over the cost of a new refrigerated Van or small reefer truck. In most cases our small portable refrigerated and freezer trailers will give you more cubic feet and more room to operate while transporting, distributing or storing your product. If you are looking to take your business to the next level or just need to skyrocket your profits this year than visit us at and find out how our 110 volt transport refrigeration unit can help explode profits and growth in your business today.

Refrigerated trailer for sale with superior design

February 25, 2015

Refrigerated trailer for sale with superior design. Cooler Trailers build a refrigerated trailer for sale with superior design that leads to superior function that gives you superior results.

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Just ask the many Fortune 500 and small businesses we have been building for since 1998. Strength and durability is what our customers are looking for and with steel tube construction that’s a great start.